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USB Infrared Toy / Solved: Newly Built IR Toy V3 not working

I hope someone can help me figure out what's wrong and any help will be greatly appreciated.

I got my V3 Ir toy board and quickly populated it. after a day of playing with it in a non-working condition i can tell you, the power LED only turns on for a flash (split second) when you first attach the 5V, the LED never stays on. what's stranger is my PICkit2 see's the MCU, and i can upload the hex, but the tester always returns FA22 as i'm able to see the COM port.

I've reflowed twice, gone over each point with an iron a few times, driving me a bit mad.

Here are some pics,



Any help is welcome!
Bus Pirate Support / Can't program bootloader on BP3 from BP4
I've just finished building my BP3, and am trying to program the bootloader with my BP4 using:

Code: [Select]
picprog -p buspirate -u COM3 -s 115200 -c 24FJ64GA002 -t HEX -w BPv3-Bootloader-v4.4.hex -E -V
COM3 is my BP4. -c is my target mcu. Using picprog v0.2

But i keep receiving this:

Code: [Select]
Found '24FJ64GA002' in programming database :) index = 2
Checking for 24FJ64GA002 attached to programmer...

Wrong device: 0X4704 (ID: 0X4704 REV: 0)

Version info for the programmer (BPv4):

Code: [Select]
Bus Pirate v4                                                                   
Firmware v6.3-beta1 r2151                                                     
DEVID:0x1019 REVID:0x0004 (24FJ256GB106 UNK)

I've not found any shorts and both of the programming pins are not shorted to ground. Any help would be greatly appreciated!