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Bus Pirate Support / Bus Pirate and Breadboard Holder
I'm looking to get one of these cut and was wondering if somebody had a DWG/DXF or other vector/CAD version of it handy? I got the Sketchup model out of the 3D Warehouse, but unfortunately it's not scaling right for me (the thing is measuring in at thousands of inches) and without the proper dimensions I can't do much.

I mean, I guess I could measure my BP and breadboard and manually draft one up, but why reinvent the wheel, right?
Bus Pirate Support / Back feeding power pins for voltage monitoring?
Right now I'm using my Bus Pirate to sniff some I2C traffic between my Raspberry Pi and a circuit I'm working on. I've got the RPi providing 3v3 and 5v to the circuit in question. I noticed, quite by accident, that leaving the Bus Pirate's 3v3 rail hooked in would cause the VREG LED to light up. Hitting "v" to see the voltage status I was able to read the voltage coming from the RPi.

It occurs to me that being able to use the BP's 3v3 and 5v outputs as inputs could be rather handy for monitoring an external circuit's voltage rails, especially on something as power finicky as the RPi. Is it safe to do this? (Assuming I keep the BP's VREG off, of course.)