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General discussion / Re: ST Link and VirtualBox.
[quote author="diydsp"]
Basically, you have to also download the "Extension Pack" from the virtual box website.  And you have to enable USB 2.0 EHCI in the VM Settings.  And you have to create a filter for the ST-Link.)[/quote]

If you need USB support, yes, you do need the extension pack.  I always install this w/ VirtualBox so I thought you did as well...VBox prompts you to install if after it's installed.
I'm glad it works doesn't work for all USB devices, but printers and serial ports on USB work well..
General discussion / Re: New sensors make Kelly Drive speedsters stop at red
[quote author="Chuckt"]
Does this mean that speeders will start going through red lights?[/quote]

Or they program it so that it goes red so it's too late to stop w/o being rearended and station cops at the intersection.

I read an article a while back by someone who said some lights are programmed w/ very short yellows so that the can get more revenue.  I like Toronto's traffic grid.  The lights are all consistent and you can see the countdown to red so you know if you can make it or not.
General discussion / Re: Best way to solder with magnification ?
[quote author="TomKeddie"]I have a stereo inspection microscope and a headmount visor magnifier.  I rarely use the microscope for actual soldering, the visor is excellent.[/quote]

That's the same Donegan visor I have...only one w/ glass lenses (others on the market are plastic).
I still find I wish it had a bit more magnification, but when you get the higher mag ones, you have to be closer to the board for things to be in focus :-P
I have the loupe attachment, but find it's a bit annoying to focus as well.
General discussion / Re: keil 4 arm WTF
[quote author="Bertho"]
If you do development between a significant portion of vendors and targets, then you find yourself in a mesmerizing mess of code jungle. Many commercial IDEs have a whole set of targets they support, where they have created the appropriate scripts and interfaces you can pull in from the IDE to become part of your project. But you still need to hack through that code in order to get it to play your way (IMNSHO: a library should not be something you need to fiddle with).[/quote]

I can sympathize w/ the latter.
I worked on an embedded ARM AT91 chip based system using eCos.  Fought buggy drivers and buggy network stacks in that open source OS for the longest time and the project ended up being deep sixed :-P
But we did use the gcc arm cross-compiler on linux to build it.  There was a startup module that was close enough to the AT91 chip we used so it wasn't hugely painful.  But, I'd actually like to know what ARM RTOS doesn't have a crapload of bugs...seems if you go look at forums, there are complaints everywhere :-)
General discussion / Re: keil 4 arm WTF
Dum question, but why aren't you guys just using the gcc toolchain to cross compile your ARM apps?
And the Segger debugger is tolerable...not as good as Eclipse, but ok.
Project logs / Re: P01-109 BLiVIT
for your latest case, how do you plan to keep the sides from falling off?
In the other type of lasercut case, the tops hold the sides on.
I don't see cross bolts on the sides, so you'll probably have to glue the sides together...
Sick of Beige / Re: pulling SVG into inkscape for comparisons?
[quote author="tayken"]
Hmm, that means they changed the dimensions of SoB templates, am I right? When writing the code, I put a 1 mm space between the PCB and side pieces on every side so that it's not a tight fit

I'm not sure if they changed the SoB templates...I didn't try using them until the past 6 months...probably a question for the DP folks.

It's not to say your design is wrong...yours still gives a 1mm border around all the edges instead of the 2mm that the SoB ones do.
I was just noting the differences in case people were trying to confirm compatibility.  I honestly prefer smaller cases (and might fiddle w/ your slotToEdgeDistance to shrink your sided case down a bit to see how small it can get).