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Open Bench Logic Sniffer / RAM on wing?
I recently asked this question on a front page notice that the buffer wings were back in stock at SEEED but on second thought I think this is the better place to ask.

Disclaimer: I have zero FPGA experience. I do have a logic sniffer though.

I often only use one or two channels and would find longer recording times very useful. On the logic sniffer hardware description page, I see mention of adding external RAM in the next design iteration. I ask this out of interest (and some ignorance): would it be possible to hang a SRAM or DRAM where this wing would usually go? I understand the FPGA bitstream would have to be rewritten to take advantage of this but I was wondering if these 16 I/O pins were capable of driving any kind of RAM at the speeds necessary for a logic probe. I would even sacrifice some top speed sampling rate for the increased recording time.
Pirate PIC programmer / picprog binary for windows?
I am trying to burn the bootloader for a bus pirate v4. The binary of picprog 0.2 available through the wiki page ( doesn't recognize the keyword for the chip (24FJ256GB106). I see that the source code (pic.c) does include an entry for the 24FJ256 so I am wondering whether the binary is from the latest available source-- I don't think it is. I tried installing the Codeblocks IDE and MinGW compiler, but am getting several build errors including not finding termios.h and sys/select.h. It seems that these are not usually found on windows systems. Were a few compiler conditional statements omitted or am I missing some header files?
Project logs / Inspected by US Customs
Received my PCB from the PCB drawer a couple of weeks ago (thanks Ian). One end of the envelope was sealed with green tape declaring that the envelope had been inspected by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency.

What do you expect when the envelope indicates that a "dangerous prototype!" is inside? Anyone else have their package examined?

Project logs / Re: HAKKO (907ESD) and SOLOMON (SL-10/30) soldering iron dri
What smd package? The red boards (designed by Arakis and sold at Seeed Studio) are all through hole and the green one (the original design by ahri) is mostly if not entirely through hole if I am not mistaken. I can't see anything SMD in the board or photos except for his recreation of Stonehenge with SMD resistors.
Project logs / Re: HAKKO (907ESD) and SOLOMON (SL-10/30) soldering iron dri
Did you adjust the two trimpots for the PTC amplifier? The instructions are in a readme somewhere in the source code. I have also described here: ... -iron.html

in steps 2 and 3. It adjusts the constant current source and the amplifier gain. That is as far as I got in terms of temp calibration-- I have not adjusted my temp coefficients. Close enough is close enough.

As for the flickering, have you tried adjusting the contrast and/or brightness adjustment pots? You might try taking a video, upload to youtube and give a link here.
Project logs / Re: HAKKO (907ESD) and SOLOMON (SL-10/30) soldering iron dri
I have posted my changes to arhi's code in this thread. You can find it here:

A link to Arhi's source can be found in the first post of this thread. Just replace the two files from above into the source below and compile.

Regarding the driver going into calibration mode, it turns out this was a bug caused by the low pass filter for the temperature amplifier-- I put in the filter, arhi built his without filtering. Long story short was that firmware was checking amplifier value before it had a chance to settle, determined it was out of bounds and started the calibration routine. You can read about it here:


Arhi made changes to the firmware to fix this issue. I take it you built the board with low pass filtering. Which firmware are you using?
Project logs / Re: HAKKO (907ESD) and SOLOMON (SL-10/30) soldering iron dri
I ordered my parts through Digikey so i could get free shipping. I did not order resistors, caps, buttons, screw terminals, etc because I had most of those on hand. There might be a few other things I left off-- I also ordered more than I need for a couple of things so I could use them for other projects, ie buck switcher IC. Here is my list:

Code: [Select]
2  LM2574N-5GOS-ND      IC BUCK 5V 0.5A 8DIP 5V SWITCHER 0 1.78000 $3.56
2  568-3710-5-ND        TRIAC 600V 8A TO220AB 0 0.83000 $1.66
2  MCP619-I/P-ND        IC OPAMP 2.3V QUAD R-R 14DIP LOW VOLTAGE OP AMP 0 1.66000 $3.32
1  PIC18F2550-I/SP-ND  IC PIC MCU FLASH 16KX16 28DIP 0 6.56000 $6.56
10 1N4148TACT-ND        DIODE SS FAST 100V 200MA DO35 DIODE FAST 100V 0 0.05800 $0.58
2  497-7053-1-ND        DIODE SCHOTTKY 40V 1A DO-41 SCHOTTKY DIODE 0 0.57000 $1.14
1  LM385Z-2.5GOS-ND    IC VREF SHUNT 2.5V TO-92-3 2.5V REF 0 0.70000 $0.70
1  490-2888-ND          TRIMMER 5K OHM 0.5W TH 0 1.56000 $1.56
1  445-3775-1-ND        INDUCTOR 330UH .82A RADIAL 0 0.90000 $0.90
1  3306P-503-ND        TRIMMER 50K OHM 0.2W TH 0 0.42000 $0.42
1  3306P-101-ND        TRIMMER 100 OHM 0.2W TH 0 0.42000 $0.42
1  MOC3043M-ND          OPTOCOUPLER TRIAC-OUT ZC 6-DIP 0 1.32000 $1.32
1  300-8507-ND          CRYSTAL 20.000 MHZ 18PF HC49/US 0 0.63000 $0.63
1  490-2876-ND          TRIMMER 100K OHM 0.5W TH RV2 0 1.56000 $1.56
1  425-2414-ND          RELAY SSR 240VAC 16A ZC 4-SIP 0 6.26000 $6.26
Project logs / Re: HAKKO (907ESD) and SOLOMON (SL-10/30) soldering iron dri
Looks like it should work-- supposed to be Hakko 936 compatible. The DIN 5 connector is off the board. I connected the board to the DIN connectors using solder at the DIN end and screw terminals at the SID board end. This makes it easy to disconnect the board from the connector.

N.B., there are two different types of five pin DIN connectors. One with the pins spread out over 180 deg and another spread out over 240 deg. You need the 240 deg one. Another thing to watch out for is that the threaded shroud on the male connector can interfere with the body of the female connector. Just pry off the threaded shroud-- the DIN5 connector fits rather securely and will stay connected unless you pull it out.
Bus Pirate Support / Re: BusPirate 4v2 - Sick of Beige
I sent in a payment and a delta for two boards. Please consider just cutting and shipping without sanding of edges. Smoothing the edges and rounding the corners is something that can be "crowd sourced" to the end user.

This is for partially selfish reasons-- I would hate for you to spend hours doing this and thinking the whole time that you will never do this again. I want this to be a positive experience for all parties.
Project logs / Re: HAKKO (907ESD) and SOLOMON (SL-10/30) soldering iron dri
You can find find a link to the source code on the first post of this thread on page one. It is hosted on sourceforge. If you are planning on using buttons, may I suggest my modification of arhi's firmware which adds auto repeat and more robust switch debouching. You can find it a few posts back, about June 13.