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General discussion / Arduino on other ARM Cortex M3 controllers

Ive been thinking, since arduino released the DUE and it has an ARM Cortex-M3, could there be a way to port the Arduino IDE to other ARM Cortex M3 based chips?

It would be great if people could point me to where I could start.

General discussion / Re: Testing an arduino pro micro
Hi sleemanj,

two of the nine ADCs does not work properly - i made a write up on it on my blog: ... one-part1/

[DONE] Digital output - check all pins can write high/low
[DONE] Digital input - check all pins can read high/low, both with and without internal pullup active
PWM - check all pwm pins can be pwm'd from 0 to 255 and back
[DONE] Analog input - check all analog pins can read a variable voltage (twiddle a pot, check value changes as expected)
[DONE] EEPROM read & write

only one more left :)
General discussion / Testing an arduino pro micro
Hi guys ive been playing around with this clone for a few days now. and ive built a very simple test setup for the thing.

It seems that not everything on the board/chip works! or i might did something wrong wrong.

Can you guys suggest tests that i can do to the arduino?

I already did EEPROM check,ADC check and DIgital IO check - and since im able to communicate through serial terminal then UART works as well.

Anything to add to the list?
General discussion / EE 180 Student's Projects
Hi All!

Kuya Kit had his students do a few projects for thier EE 180 subject and gave me permission to post them in labratsgonewild.

Im very excited to share this coz back in college project making is one of the most enjoyable - i wont sleep till the freakin line follower wont work hahahaha, after making it work i still didnt sleep till my batteries ran out.

Hope you guys like em: ... tmega32u4/ ... tmega32u4/ ... tmega32u4/ ... tmega32u4/ ... tmega32u4/

I dunno how to make links shorter so i just copy pasted them :)
General discussion / Re: Need project ideas for reflective IR sensors
- line follower (boring, I know)

Line followers aren't boring at all - hehe for me that is i can watch them all day hihi.

How about a chainable thermal scanner? say in a 5x5 board there are 5, and when we connect them together they become a very long thermal scanner - but wait can i get analog signals from these things or just digital?

let me know what ya think
General discussion / Re: SMD LEDs
Yes, I have noticed that with out the IC the led will light and when its on the led doesnt..i wonder what could have gone wrong.