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Project logs / Re: PAW20 - LEDger Led (polarity) tester
Found this nice little gem from over a year ago - still a neat project.
Doesn't seem to be any PCBs on Tindie though (?).
Are the files available for download anywhere? Or more Tindie PCBs coming?
Project logs / Re: GPIBUSB Adapter rev3
So I am pretty much a GPIB noob... sorry if I ask something totally obvious.

Would I be able to control my GPIB / HPIB equipped tools with this board?
Such as a HP 3478 bench meter, Fluke 8842 bench meter, HP 6632A power supply (to name the ones most commonly used around here).

Would it work from a Mac? Guess it should, as long as a terminal program capable of fast serial is used, right?
Project logs / Re: Donatello
Been watching this thread for a while - and am curious about current status.
I whipped together a Superprobe on perfboard last week, but could really use a part ninja for those unknown, scavenged SMD-components... and as DP seems to be out of PartNinja boards (are there any new ones coming?) the Donatello could be an interesting option.
Project logs / Re: Smoke Tester
By the way, what values are R13/R14 supposed to be?
Can't find it in the schematics... Or am I missing something?
Project logs / Re: Smoke Tester
So, I recently built a Smoke Tester, quite a nice little device!
I especially like the flexibility that the 3 parallell load resistors gives, with the too small banana jack holes as the main negative.

More feedback and photo at my blog.
Open Bench Logic Sniffer / Re: OLS on Windows 7?
[quote author="sqkybeaver"]i have 7 x64 and the inf for the cdc works for me. do you have the windows firewall turned on?[/quote]

I did have the fw turned on, yes.
Tried switching it off (can't see how that would affect things though), also tried switching UAC off. No luck.
Open Bench Logic Sniffer / OLS on Windows 7?
Having trouble installing the .inf file on Windows 7 (64 bit).
I get an "access is denied" for the resource "communications port"... I have admin rights on the machine.

Any ideas?
Bus Pirate Support / Re: Serial sniffing?
I only want to monitor traffic from the device to the PC so that's cool.

An additional thought:
The application level protocol used by the device require certain handshaking between the device and the PC (ACKs etc), meaning that the PC and the device must be connected.
What I really need to do is to attach the Bus Pirate RX input to the TX output on the device, while the TX of the device is also connected to the PC..
Hopefully the device will be able to drive both the serial link to the PC and the Bus Pirate RX input.

Or does anyone have info on that the above won't work?
I'd like to know there is a fair chance of this working before buying a BP..

Bus Pirate Support / Serial sniffing?
I am having trouble with a python application running on a PC, it seems incoming characters are lost when received from the virtual serial port.

The setup is as follows:

PC <---USB---> <---USB-to-RS232-converter---> <---RS232-level-shifter---> RF transceiver with serial interface

The use case is:
1. Press "send" on a RF remote control
2. The transceiver receives and decodes the signal, sends information according to a slightly complex protocol (over standard RS232) to the PC.
3. Somewhere along the line characters are lost - most likely this happens in the PC application or buffers.

I'd like to sniff the serial data coming out of the RF transceiver - can this be done with the Bus Pirate?
From reading the docs my understanding is that this is possible - correct?