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General discussion / Re: Programming ITE 8587 - Need help writing EC FW (Laptop)
Hi there, sorry it took me so long to reply to you. Problem is - your ITE IT8587 chip is from another company, not ENE, and I doubt that programming it with CH341A "in KB9012 mode" will work without serious source code flashrom modifications (similar to writing the whole patch from scratch). And the rarity of IT8587 datasheet - which should describe the flashing method and be used as a programmer's guidance - doesn't help at all. Perhaps could be found if you'd google a lot, but I don't have enough free time at the moment. I expect the flashing method to be similar in appearance - through a keyboard's port, it's the source code modifications which is the most difficult part. I suggest you to contact a laptop repair shop, they most likely have a proprietary programmer required to flash your chip and hopefully they won't charge too much. Or sell this laptop for parts and get a Lenovo G505S, if you are also interested in the opensource BIOS and stuff like that
Bus Pirate Development / Re: Bus Pirate - Community Firmware 7.0
[quote author="USBEprom"]I could not compile anything due to errors in MPLAB as in attachment.[/quote] Hi U.Sb, I looked through your ERRORS.txt and maybe some patch has been applied incompletely ("BITBANG_I2C_START_ONE_SHOT undeclared" error could be a sign of this). But it doesn't matter anymore, because ChristopherSamSoon's fixes has been merged to repository. So, if you'd just clone the latest master and try building it without any patches, everything should be fine, although I haven't tested the latest commits by myself yet
Bus Pirate Development / Re: Bus Pirate - Community Firmware 7.0
[quote author="MrAureliusR"]Just noticed entering anything into the script engine seems to reboot the BP[/quote] Please try to collect as much info about this problem as you could, and raise a new issue at devs' Github repository - - with a full description of your technical problem. You could also ask them how to donate, maybe not by money but by ordering some parts to their domestic address (ask them what they would prefer). A donation might significantly increase the priority of your requests
Bus Pirate Development / Re: Bus Pirate - Community Firmware 7.0
[quote author="USBEprom"]Until now I could not test your just released firmware v7.11 especially in order to evaluate if it does fix the problems while using I2C protocol ( ,,problems that Bus Pirate v4 also has.
I would like to have the merged repository that you have created to get your new firmware v7.11 cause I suspect the ones you provided here in the forum have not all the features enabled and it would be useful for me to be able to evaluate the size of the firmware when compiled to have all the options enabled and 256 characters for the command line.
I hope that as soon as possible someone will merge the things in order to provide an improved repository directly on[/quote]
After reviewing a pull request ( I have just cloned this forked repository - and changed the version numbers of firmware/bootloader. Although he also changed README, so I took "README" from a primary repository. Compared to the primary repository, ChristopherSamSoon is behind by 2 commits - but these commits are not affecting a code, so my bootloader/firmware builds are still the latest and "fresh"

To see what features my BPv3 firmware build has, you could just look at this configuration.h file of forked repository - ... guration.h - and search it for things like " BUSPIRATEV3 ". I have not modified this "default configuration"

Please tell me if this "default configuration" is OK, or its missing some features that your version configuration.h is providing

Luckily agatti is back, so maybe he will merge this pull request to the official branch

See you,
Bus Pirate Development / Re: Bus Pirate - Community Firmware 7.0
[quote author="DangerByte"]Yo, so I take it 7.1 is not officially out yet.
Why is the bootloader update needed again for BP4?
I don't have pickit, I'm an AVR guy, can I update without it?[/quote]
Actually 7.1 is already out (e.g. this changelog - ... )
but there were plenty of commits after that, and I thought its a good idea to bump my locally built version from 7.1 to 7.11 .

Sorry friend, I don't know how well would be 7.1 working together with a very outdated bootloader.
Try searching this thread or check the issues at Github repo, maybe there would be some notes about it.
In any case I recommend you to get a Pickit2, it costs just a fraction of Bus Pirate price and makes the firmware updates much more convenient (+ you could install and re-install the bootloaders without any risk of bricking, can always recover) Unlike the newer P3 which is unstable and sucks, the Pickit2 is perfectly working on Linux with open source pk2cmd tool, thats very important. Also, Pickit2 could be used to debug Bus Pirate firmware in a case you would ever run into a weird issue (e.g. while using a particular function in particular way the firmware freezes; connect Pickit2, place some breakpoints and you could find out after what line its freezing and maybe introduce a fix)

P.S. I don't know if its possible to update a bootloader without Pickit2, never tried that.
Maybe its possible - but there is a risk of bricking
Bus Pirate Development / Re: Bus Pirate - Community Firmware 7.0
Hi there USBEprom, happy to see you there ;) [quote author="mikeb"]On it has been written that the recommended compression option for MPLAB it is level 1[/quote] Yes you are right, I should have underlined that my opt0+opt0 recommendation is only for BPv4. Can't build opt0 firmware for BPv3 without sacrificing some features (btw its required to get a pro trial to build anything else than opt0, but its possible to create a disposable VM for this purpose)
Bus Pirate Development / Re: Bus Pirate - Community Firmware 7.0
[quote author="awokd"]Followed the steps in the above documentation and they worked perfectly to upgrade a Buspirate 3.6 with v4.4 bootloader and v5.9 firmware[/quote] Hi my friend awokd, happy to see you here - guess the Internet is a small place :) Can't understand why you've installed v5.9 firmware while there is v7.1 available for example (or maybe I misunderstood your message and these were your versions before your upgrade?) You could even install my freshly compiled v7.1 for BPv3 (check my post above for a link) although of course I haven't tested it by myself because I only have BPv4 :P By the way, at least according to my experience, its much easier to use Pickit2 for these upgrades - instruction how to do that is also available above, written for BPv4 but should be similar for BPv3
Bus Pirate Development / Re: Bus Pirate - Community Firmware 7.0
[quote author="DangerByte"]Are there v7.1 binaries available for BP4?[/quote]

Hi there DangerByte, a couple of weeks ago I have rebuilt the latest firmware (both for BPv3 and BPv4) and bootloader (only for BPv4), latest github revision together with an extra I2C fix by ChristopherSamSoon which has not been merged yet - - and unofficially named it v7.11 firmware and v4.11 bootloader at my builds

You could obtain these latest bootloader and firmware here at my updated post:

Recommend " opt0 boot + opt0 firmware", that is what I have flashed to mine

I hope you already have a Pickit2 tool for directly flashing the bootloader/firmware to your Bus Pirate v4,
because that pirate-loader app is buggy and I don't think it could upgrade your bootloader, for example.
Read this instruction, it will help you a lot - http://

And this another instruction - ... e_firmware - will help you to rebuild this stuff by yourself without having to rely on others. Its quite easy to setup your working environment if you would follow this step-by-step, and maybe you could contribute some of your developments
Bus Pirate Support / Re: help for upgrade firmware for bus pirate v3
[quote author="andromeda92"]I have resolved my problem
its because i have downloaded firmware with righ click windows and hex file contains xml code.
now is ok.[/quote]
Hi friend, its recommended to upgrade a firmware using a Pickit2 hardware tool, it is much more stable than a pirate loader ... re_updates)
Guess for Bus Pirate v3 its similar, just please note that BPv3 and BPv4 aren't compatible with each other
regarding the firmware/bootloader By the way its recommended to check out a new community firmware,
we are discussing it in this thread - viewtopic.php?f=28&t=8498

I am happy you have resolved your problem. In general, Linux is much more convenient for development than Windows
General discussion / Re: Microchip released a new PICKit 4 debugger - programmer
[quote author="octal"]MPLAB PICkit 4 In-Circuit Debugger ... O=PG164140[/quote]

Thank you for the news! Although, if that PICKIT4 like PICKIT3 will not have the reliable AND open-source Linux software & drivers (like my PICKIT2) that PICKIT4 will be a dead hardware to me

EDIT: I wrote a message to MicroChip's e-mail for PICkit 4 which is specified at your link.
If you care about open source please also write a message, just don't copy paste me ;)

Good day! We are already using a lot of your PICkit 2 devices - they
work perfectly under Linux and there is a " pk2cmd " open source Linux
utility for flashing - so we don't need any closed binary blobs or
proprietary closed source software to use our PICkit 2's. Sadly PICkit
3 was buggy and there was no open source " pk3cmd " utility for Linux
- only a closed source one for Windows - so we skipped this product

For PICkit4 you tell that it is supported by Linux at the " Host
System Requirements " - but what will be the quality of your Linux
support ? Are you going to create a " pk4cmd " open source utility for
using your device under Linux, or there will be only a closed source

If there will not be any open source flashing utility to use with
PICkit4 then we will skip this product as well, because we do not
install any closed source software to the Linux systems at our company
out of security reasons. If the software is closed source, we can't be
sure there are no backdoors hidden inside it: many reputable companies
have been caught with it, so a reputation of any company, even of
Microchip, is not a guarantee that there will not be any backdoors
hidden inside your closed source software products. Also, using the
closed source software together with open source Linux operating
system is against its' principles and GNU ideology

So, do you plan to create the open source flashing utility for PICkit
4, with " pk4cmd " as a possible name ?
Bus Pirate Development / Re: Buspirate 4 Faulty?
[quote author="Jascol"]To Whom It May Concern:

I recently ordered the Buspirate4, After numerous attempts to get it working in different operating systems : Linux/Windows/Mac os x, I have come to the conclusion that it is defective/faulty.

I am unable to upgrade the firmware as well.
unable to do so, it complains about connecting to the "Bootloader" and i have put the device in to boot loader mode successfully.? please advise me anything I could do?

Thank you[/quote]

Why you just cant update your firmware to the latest version?
viewtopic.php?f=28&t=8498 ... _Pirate_v4
Your BusPirate v4 will be a very reliable tool after this update
Bus Pirate Development / Re: Bus Pirate - Community Firmware 7.0
Hi U.Sb, sorry for the lack of replies from my side, spent all my free time writing these wiki pages:
1) ... Bus_Pirate - Flashing a BIOS chip with Bus Pirate
2) ... Bus_Pirate - Flashing KB9012 with Bus Pirate
(any feedback comments about them are welcome)
By your recent messages it seems that you have figured it out. Congratulations!

Just a small note: while I have not understood this problem completely, I think that it is _not_ the lack of _total_ memory space of PIC that sometimes prevents the firmware to be compiled even at S level. - I think that because there was a completely different error, if you look at my last message before (viewtopic.php?f=28&t=8498&start=15#p65383). Probably some sections of firmware's memory map are not large enough, and when some code couldn't be fit to this section this causes an error (despite that PIC itself could have some free memory available). If I remember correctly this memory map is being created dynamically - during the compilation of project. So maybe something about that process could be improved to get rid of these errors completely
Bus Pirate Support / Re: Spansion S29GL032N90BF104 dump
[quote author="Tweety2000"]Okay, I've found a BGA adapter[/quote]
Please could you share a link where you found it? Just in case someone else would need it too

[quote author="Tweety2000"]Is it enough from Reset to VSS or does DQ 14-0 and OE also still ran with?[/quote]
I haven't read a datasheet (don't have time, sorry) but how would you input/output data without DQ 14-0 ? :)
Probably the only pins that could be un-connected are WP (write protect pins) - depends on a chip