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#twatch network LCD backpack / Re: Change to Twitter, Twatch no longer working?
Thats great, thank you very much :) and thanks for the quick reply.

Sorry if I missed a post about the subject anywhere, I was just worried I was going to have to learn some programming for this, I think my head would explode what with everything else I'm "supposed" to be learning at the moment LOL ;)
#twatch network LCD backpack / Change to Twitter, Twatch no longer working?
I've not used my twatch for a while but I turned it on today to find that it cannot connect.  I believe the page trends/current.json which I think it tries to get information from no longer exists/has been changed.

But tbh I don't understand the programming of this at all.

Does anyone know what it should now point to? or have an updated firmware? the last updated firmware I can see in the google code page is from 2009