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GSM 340 High altitude balloon electronics
IMGP1579.jpg 4,507 BusPirate V3.5 free PCB built!
IMGP1580.jpg 661 My presentation thread (picture inside) 394 Re: Little Wire - "Minimal AVR programmer and more" 326 High altitude balloon electronics 1,062 Attempt to fit a quadcopter in a 5x5cm PCB
Modules 306 High altitude balloon electronics 304 1V to 144V PSU test with nixie tube 199 What is wrong with this analog circuit?
render.png 1,048 Re: Eagle Sketchup graphic?
render3.png 1,047 Re: Eagle Sketchup graphic? 948 Re: Arduino-based line folowing robot (Now W/ Picture(s))!
Sonnar 600 Re: DIY ultrasonic range finder 878 Re: DIY ultrasonic range finder 1,253 I'm determined to build a theremin.