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Development status


An idea was posted in the forum. Problem and goal definition.

Design in progress

Active discussion of the design: researching similar circuits, sketching block diagrams and circuits, component identification, parts availability.

Schematic in progress

Ideas are being converted into actual circuits with real parts.

Part selection

Check each part in the schematic and gather the footprints for use in the PCB. Make any changes based on cost and availability.

PCB in progress

PCB is routed. Interactive review of the board.

Board review

Public review of the PCB. Any final tweaks or changes are made now.

Waiting for PCBs

Circuit boards have been sent to Seeed Studio for manufacturing.

Waiting on parts

Sometimes we're missing stuff, or we break stuff, and we wait for new parts to arrive.

Prototype in progress

Solder is flowing, the prototype is in progress.

Revise prototype

Sometimes there's a second (or fifth) revision.


Writing firmware for the hardware. Firmware and software are often developed at the same time.


Writing software for the hardware. Firmware and software are often developed at the same time.

Final partlist

The prototype is tested and working. The final partlist is generated, this BOM will be used in production.

Test plan

A self-test or other manufacturing test plan is made. This (hopefully) catches any defects at manufacturing so you get 100% working stuff.

How-to and photos

The how-to is being written. Sometimes live before your eyes.

Test production

The first batch is always a bit risky.


Mature project, most of the bugs are worked out.


These are the basic stages of manufacturing.

Sourcing parts

Parts are gathered for the project. If parts have to come from outside China this can cause additional delays.

In assembly

Parts and PCBs are sent for pick and place (surface mount parts) and/or hand assembly (though hole).

Programming and testing

The assembled, soldered boards return to Seeed for programming and testing.


This project is in stock and ready to ship when you order.


This project is no longer in production, and no longer available. Some limited edition projects will never be produced again, small batches of other designs can be produced if there's enough demand to cover the expenses.