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Project Summary
Name: Logic Shrimp logic analyzer
Buy it: Get one for Discontinued at Seeed Studio
Price: Discontinued
Status: Test production
Manufacturing: Discontinued
Forum: Logic Shrimp logic analyzer Forum

Read about the design.

A medium speed, low cost logic analyzer with 256K samples and 20MHz top speed:

  • 4 channels @ 256K samples per channel
  • 5volt tolerant inputs
  • 20/12/6/3/2/1MHz capture rates, and lower
  • Simple edge change triggers on all channels, adjustable pre/post trigger samples
  • SUMP protocol compatible
  • USB interface, USB firmware upgradable
  • Open source (CC-BY-SA)




Logic Shrimp v1


Logic Shrimp v2

  • There was another version of the Logic Shrimp v2 that used a CPLD. We stopped the development since, but here's the project page.

Logic analyzer software

Logic analyzer client software controls the hardware and displays the pretty logic graph.

The Logic Shrimp speaks the SUMP protocol, including recent meta data additions. It works with any SUMP-compatible client.

Jawi's Logic Sniffer client

 We recommend this SUMP client.

Multi-platform Java client. A version of the SUMP client actively developed by Jawi in the forum.

Other SUMP-compatible clients

The original software for the SUMP core used in the Logic Sniffer is a multi-platform Java application.

There are several other clients that support the SUMP protocol. They are in various stages of development.

Driver and .inf installation

The virtual serial port (CDC) is an open standard, it should work on any modern operating system.

You don't need a driver, but you will need a .inf file to tell Windows how to use the device. A suitable .inf is included in the project archive.


Development resources



  • Hardware: CC-BY-SA
  • Firmware: CC-BY-SA
  • Software: CC-0
  • Bootloader: GPL