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Basic case version 1 is a laser cut acrylic case that demonstrates Sick of Beige standard PCB sizes. A handy Eagle template library gives your board the right case dimensions with no hassle.



SOBv1 overview2.jpg

Version 1 of the basic case is simple, cheap, easy to assemble, and fits our Sick of Beige standard PCB sizes.

The PCB is sandwiched between two laser cut acrylic sheets, and the assembly is held together with screws and standoffs. Sheets extrude 2mm on each side of the PCB they enclose so there's plenty of reinforcement for the screw holes.

The bottom sheet is usually generic, while the top sheet can be custom cut to fit a specific project.

PCB templates

SOBv1 eaglelib-board.jpg

PCB templates make it super easy to fit your project to a case. Drop a Sick of Beige PCB template on an Eagle schematic and you get an optimized board in the right shape and size to fit the basic case. Effortless case fits that work the first time.

Grab a library with the template for Cadsoft Eagle below, other formats coming soon.


SOBv1 asembly3.jpg

See a full size assembly image.

The case is a sandwich with a tasty circuit board in the middle. This is how to assemble the basic Sick of Beige case v1, custom project cases might be slightly different:

  1. Screw the longer 12mm bolts and the smaller 5mm standoffs to the bottom acrylic sheet through the four corner holes
  2. Place the PCB on the exposed bottom screw
  3. Screw the longer 6mm standoff to the remaining bit of screw
  4. Put the top plate on the standoffs and screw the shorter 6mm bolts through the holes in the four corners and into the 6mm standoffs


SOBv1 Partlist2.jpg

Sick of Beige v partlist
Top bolt46mm bolt (M3 size)
Bottom bolt412mm bolt (M3 size)
Top standoff45.0 HEX 6.0mm ALUMINUM female standoff (M3 size)
Bottom standoff45.0 HEX 5.0mm ALUMINUM female standoff (M3 size)
Acrylic sheets2Laser cut acrylic sheet 2.55mm in width

Laser cut acrylic sheets

SOBv1 bottom.png

SoB v1 sheets were knocked up in the readily-accessible Google SketchUp, so anyone can customize a case with minimal effort.

Prototypes are laser cut from acrylic by Seeed Studio's laser cutting service. They accept SVG files, which we summonsed from SketchUp with SVG plugin for SketchUp.

Seeed's laser cutting is way more affordable than anything we've used in the past. It would have cost 100s to develop using our former favorite Pololu, but we got 5 pieces of each design for only $15 at Seeed.


SketchUp models and the SVG files download:

Get one

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