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Plunify is an online compiler for Xilinx and Altera chips. You can compile the CPLD tutorials without downloading a 5gig install package from Xilinx.

The CPLD examples are already loaded, all you have to do is sign up for a free account and copy the tutorial from the add IP tab.


Get an account

Go to Plunify, sign up for a free account.

Install the tutorials


The CPLD tutorial examples are already loaded into the Plunify service. One click copies the tutorials to your Plunify account and you're ready to compile, make changes, whatever.

  • Sign in to Plunify
  • Click the Add IP tab
  • In the Partners section click the Add IP button next to the CPLD development board tutorials


After a few minutes the tutorials are copied to your Plunify account and visible in the file browser at the bottom of the screen.

Compile a project


Compiling a project with Plunify is super easy.

  • Click on the compile tab
  • Select your software version, we just chose the latest version


  • Check the box next to a project to compile. We chose the CoolRunner-II inverse LED example that ships on every new board. The project is located in /DgProto_CPLD1_1/Tutorials/xc2c64a/
  • Push the next button to start the compile

Get the SVF file


Pending projects and progress are shown in the Results tab. The compiled project will be saved in the output folder, and you'll get an email when the job is done. Typical processing time is XXXX.

Programming the CPLD board: