Flash Destroyer schematic and partlist

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Circuit board


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Part Quantity Value Package
C1-C4, C7 5 0.1uF capacitor C025
C5, C6 2 15pF capacitor C025
C8 1 0.33uF capacitor C025
D1 1 1N4148 diode DO35
DIS1-7 7 7seg com. cathode w/dp HD-H103
IC1 1 PIC18F2550 DIP-28
IC2 1 24AA01-I/P DIP-8
IC3 1 7805T 5volt regulator TO220H
ICSP 1 05x1 0.1” pin header MA05-1
J1 1 2.1mm DC power jack PTH
J2 1 USB B connector USB-B-PTH
Q1 1 20Mhz crystal HC49U
Q2-Q8 7 800mA+ NPN transistor (BC337) TO92
R1-R9 9 10K resistor 0204/5
R10-R17 8 120R resistor 0204/5
R18-R19 2 2K2 resistor 0204/5
S1 1 6mm tact switch DTS-6
SC1 1 28pin DIP socket DIP-28
SC2 1 8pin DIP socket DIP-8

C5,6; Q2-Q8; R10-17 updated May 31, 2010.

The latest sources and distributors are in the master partlist. See something missing? Please let us know.