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Project Summary
Name: FT2232 breakout board
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Price: $27
Status: Test production
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A breakout board with the latest 5th generation FTDI FT2232H USB 2.0 IO chip. The FT2232 is a USB to serial converter like the FT232, but with a bunch more features:

The breakout board includes an EEPROM for custom USB descriptors and VID/PIDs.

Available now at Seeed Studio for $27.



The FT2232H is a 480Mbps USB 2.0 chip with multiple serial engines. For raw serial communications it blows devices like the Bus Pirate, and it's 0.1Mbps interface, out of the water. The FT2232 can program a JTAG device or flash ROM in seconds, the Bus Pirate can take hours for large ROMs. A forum member has also turned it into a 60MHz logic analyzer.

The ft2232 is that it's used in all sorts of applications. It is out-of-the-box compatible with Flashrom, urJTAG, OpenOCD, etc. It doesn't have a JTAG header, but all the pins are available for whatever use.

We tackled this because nobody is selling an open source breakout for this chip. It requires way more circuit than most common breakout boards. FTDI sells a module, it's at Mouser and Digikey for 27-40 bucks. We had 20 made and could sell it at 27 bucks and make a profit, but if we have 100 made we can get that even lower. The target is 23 to 25 bucks a pop.

This is not a must have chip for everyone, and it isn't a complete tool like the Bus Pirate or Bus Blaster. If you want to work with this chip, don't care to solder it yourself, and want something open source, then we've got the breakout for you!



Click for a full size schematic image. Schematic and PCB were designed with the freeware version of Cadsoft Eagle, download the latest project files from our Google Code project SVN.



The FT2232H is a highly configurable USB 2.0 HighSpeed to UART/MPSSE IC. The device features two interfaces that can be configured for asynchronous or synchronous serial or parallel FIFO interfaces. The two channels can be independently configured to use an MPSSE engine to allow the two ports of the FT2232H to operate independently as UART/Bit-Bang ports or to emulate JTAG, SPI, I2C, Bit-bang or other synchronous serial modes.

The FT2232H uses 1.8V for its core and 3.3V for its I/O pins. The internal voltage regulator of the FT2232H provides the required voltage for its core. A 3.3uF capacitor is used to bypass the regulator output pin VREGOUT (pin49) as required. Bypass capacitors (C11, C12, and C13) are connected to the VCORE input pins (pin 12, 37, 64). Bypass capacitors (C14, C15, C16, and C17) are also connected to the VCCIO pins.

The PHY PLL circuit of the FT2232H requires 3.3V which is provided thru the VPLL (pin9). The input voltage to this pin requires a LC filter which is implemented by L1, C7, and C9.

The 3.3V supply for the USB PHY circuit of the FT2232H is connected to the VPHY (pin4). Another LC filter (L2, C8 and C10) is used to filter the USB PHY power supply.

The RESET pin (pin14) of the FT2232H is pulled to 3.3V using a resistor (R3). As required, a 12KΩ resistor @ 1% (R2) connects the REF pin (pin6) and GND to set the reference current for the USB PHY.

The I/O pins (except the USB PHY pins) of the FT2232 are 5-volt tolerant.



An external 12MHz crystal is connected to the oscillator input and output pins of the FT2232H. Loading capacitors (C5 and C6) are also added.



A 93C46 EEPROM (IC2) is added to allow each of the chip's channels to be independently configured as async serial UART, async FT245 FIFO, sync FT245 FIFO, fast serial interface or CPU-style FIFO. It can also be used to customize the USB VID, PID,serial number, product description strings and power descriptor value of the FT2232H.

Power Supply


The USB port provides power to the breakout board. Since the FT2232H requires 3.3V for its VREGIN (pin50) and VCCIO pins, a 3.3-volt regulator IC (IC3) is used. A LED (PWR) is added as power indicator.



We used the freeware version of Cadsoft Eagle to make the schematic and PCB. Download the latest board files from SVN.


IC313.3volt LDO regulator SOT223
JP2,JP32pin header 1X22
L1,L22800mA+ ferrite beadFB805
R2112k 1%R805
X1112MHz crystal4X6

The latest sources and distributors are in the master partlist. See something missing? Please let us know.

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You can get one for $27.

Your purchases at Seeed Studio keep the open source project coming, we sincerely appreciate your support!



  • CC-0, reference boards shouldn't be copyrighted!

The prototype in the images says CC-BA-SA, but that was a silk layer error. The Eagle files clearly state CC-0 as the license.