Bus Pirate: Python Oscilloscope

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A simple Python oscilloscope for the Bus Pirate that graphs voltage over time.


I've estimated that the data rate is about 5720 samples/second, what theoretically should give maximum measurable frequency at about 2.5kHz In practice aliasing is noticeable at about 1kHz.


"pygame" lib is needed to run this script. To install in Ubuntu use this command:

  • sudo apt-get install python-pygame


  • f - trigger on falling slope
  • r - trigger on rising slope
  • s - trigger off
  • key_up - trigger level++
  • key_down - trigger level--
  • 9 - time scale++ (zoom out)
  • 0 - time scale-- (zoom in)
  • q - QUIT

A trigger can sync on rising or falling slope.