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The dreamers of Shenzhen’s Maker’s revolution

Another great Shenzhen-Geek tour video from Metalworks:  Maker Faire Shenzhen Trip.   Daylon Soh writes: When the Metalworks team was there in April, we were part of a group of aspiring hardware entrepreneurs and enthusiasts from North America and Europe. Most were looking to … Read more

Hacker Camp Shenzhen vol 2: Reflux open for registration

Hacker Camp Shenzhen volume 2: “Reflux” is on! Join us from Thursday September 25 to Saturday September 27, 2014 for fun, food and solder fumes in Shenzhen, China. Tickets are available now. Come to the world’s electronics capital and experience … Read more

Hacker Camp Shenzhen Day 2 Video: Export, Import, Shipping, Sourcing Agents

Connie @ Arcbotics discusses import and export from China, Lily and Ben talk about sourcing agents, and Tully @ Factory For All covers shipping. Morning discussions from Hacker Camp Shenzhen 2014, Friday April 4th. The three speaker and presentations, and … Read more

Hacker Camp Shenzhen Day 1: Surviving Shenzhen, Chinese Lesson, Market

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By ian Ian @ Dangerous Prototypes discusses survival in Shenzhen and Huaqiangbei Electronics Market etiquette, Jin @ FlyLin gives a short Chinese lesson. Morning discussions from Hacker Camp Shenzhen 2014, Thursday April 3rd. Presentations, pictures, and overview here. Via Hacker … Read more