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App note: FlexConnect applications

An app note (PDF!) on Microchips’ FlexConnect: The USB protocol calls for rigid system roles to maintain order. One processor acts as the Host which issues commands to the Device. In turn, the Devices respond to the Host’s commands. This...
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App note: Implementing the suspend indicator using microchip USB hubs

App note(PDF!) on Microchips’ USB hubs suspend indicator feature. The USB251xB / USB3x03 / USB253x / USB3x13 / USB46x6 product lines are a family of feature-rich, low power USB 2.0 hubs optimized for use in embedded systems where high...
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App note: USB device design checklist

Application note(PDF) on the design of various USB controllers from Microchip. The purpose of this application note is to provide a list of items that need to be considered when designing systems that incorporate the following categories of...
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App note: Using a hardware or software CRC with enhanced core PIC16F1XXX in class B applications

An app note from Microchip: Using a hardware or software CRC with enhanced core PIC16F1XXX in class B  applications (PDF!) Class B safety routines are increasingly used in microcontrollers to detect faults in safety-critical applications. The...
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App note: Bluetooth smart communication using Microchip RN4020 module and 16-bit PIC microcontroller

An app note from Microchip, Bluetooth smart communication using Microchip RN4020 module and 16-bit PIC microcontroller (PDF!): This application note provides the following: • Framework for any of the user application platform using RN4020...
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App note: Introduction to USB Power delivery applications

Another application note from Microchip, an introduction to USB Power delivery applications (PDF!): This document is designed for systems and hardware engineers seeking the information necessary to begin to integrating USB Power Delivery (under...
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App note: Microchip dedicated slave devices in I2C systems

An app note on Microchip dedicated slave devices in I2C systems (PDF!): Microchip supplies dedicated slave devices that include a two-wire serial interface that is System Management Bus (SMBus) and I2C™ compatible. The SMBus specification is...
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App note: Using PIC32 MCUs to develop low-cost controllerless (LCC) graphics solutions

Adding a low-cost virtual graphics on embedded application, app note from Microchip. This application note describes the LCC Graphics Board that enables the implementation of a low-cost controllerless graphic method using a PIC32 microcontroller.

App note: Analog-to-Digital conversion using a PIC16C5X/PIC16F5X

PIC16C5X and PIC16F5X microcontroller families are low cost off-the-shelf solution for common analog measurements like voltage and current. Here’s an app note (PDF) from Microchip on how to do A/D conversion on these chips. The converter...
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App note: Bit-Banging the SDI and SQI Modes of Microchip’s 23XX512/23XX1024 Serial SRAMs

Dual Mode(SDI) and Quad Mode(SQI) Serial interface are not common peripherals on many MCU today, Microchip’s app note (PDF) provides an alternative way to communicate with these SRAMs using existing GPIOs pins in bit-bang. This application...
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