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App note: Using PIC32 MCUs to develop low-cost controllerless (LCC) graphics solutions

Adding a low-cost virtual graphics on embedded application, app note from Microchip. This application note describes the LCC Graphics Board that enables the implementation of a low-cost controllerless graphic method using a PIC32 microcontroller.

App note: Analog-to-Digital conversion using a PIC16C5X/PIC16F5X

PIC16C5X and PIC16F5X microcontroller families are low cost off-the-shelf solution for common analog measurements like voltage and current. Here’s an app note (PDF) from Microchip on how to do A/D conversion on these chips. The converter...
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App note: Bit-Banging the SDI and SQI Modes of Microchip’s 23XX512/23XX1024 Serial SRAMs

Dual Mode(SDI) and Quad Mode(SQI) Serial interface are not common peripherals on many MCU today, Microchip’s app note (PDF) provides an alternative way to communicate with these SRAMs using existing GPIOs pins in bit-bang. This application...
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New microchip promises to streamline and simplify diabetes diagnoses

Dr. Brian Feldman and his team at Stanford University have developed a new microchip. It promises to streamline and simplify diabetes diagnoses. Ben Coxworth of Gizmag writes: For people who don’t already know, here’s the difference...
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Recommended usage of Microchip serial RTCC devices

  Another good app note from Microchip, a guidance in using the Microchip RTCC family of devices (PDF): This application note provides assistance and guidance in using the Microchip RTCC family of devices. This application note...
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Simple link budget estimation and performance measurements of Microchip sub-GHz radio modules

  Assessing the link budget with this app note (PDF) from Microchip: This application note describes a simple link budget analysis, measurement and techniques to evaluate the range and performance of wireless transmission with ...
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App note: Switching power supply design with the PIC16F785

An SMPS application using PIC16F785 from Microchip, app note here (PDF). In this application note, we will examine a typical buck topology intelligent SMPS design using the PIC16F785. The design presented here shows an alternative single-chip...
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App note: Gas and water metering with the PIC16F91X family

Good app note from Microchip on using PIC micro for metering application. Electronic utility meters are an important step towards automating the utility metering process. Automated utility meters allow many new features that help reduce the cost...
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App note: Using the Microchip motor model library for Simulink

Using the Microchip motor model library for Simulink, app note here (PDF!): Microchip’s Motor Model Library is a set of components (“blocks”) that can be used with the Simulink® simula- tion tool from MathWorks®. These blocks are...
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App note: An overview of DMX512A

An overview of (Digital Multiplex) DMX512A (PDF!) from Microchip: This application note presents an overview of DMX512A. It shows and explains the recommended electrical and electronic requirements, then presents how the protocol was...
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