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App note: Understanding multidrop address assignments for thermal sensors

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Here is a app note from Maxim on multidrop thermal sensing: In many thermal applications, it may be desired to utilize multiple temperature sensors, placed in different physical locations, to monitor the operating temperatures in predefined ‘zones’ within the system. To … Read more

App note: Advantages of IC-based hot-swap circuit protection

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Here’s an application note from Maxim describing hot-swap circuits, and the advantages of dedicated hot-swap ICs over discrete component circuits: There are many approaches for protecting a system against electrostatic discharge (ESD), surge current, overcurrent, undervoltage, overvoltage, and other disruptions … Read more

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App note: Protect Your Designs from malware with the DeepCover MAXQ1050 secure microcontroller

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Here’s an app note from Maxim describing how to protect your embedded systems from Malware with DeepCover MAXQ1050 Secure Microcontroller: Malware injection has become a critical threat to embedded systems. Implementing an asymmetric cryptography-based secure boot is the best protection against … Read more