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Video: JTAGulator introduction and demonstration

Hardware hacking guru Joe Grand of GrandIdeastudio has posted this new, detailed introduction/demonstration of the JTAGulator, an open source hardware tool te hat assists in identifying on-chip debug (OCD) and/or programming connections from test points, vias, or component pads on … Read more

Video: Using superpowers for hardware reverse engineering

Prior to delivering a presentation at today’s DEFCON, hardware hacking guru Joe Grand gave this talk at BSidesLV held August 5-6, 2014 in Las Vegas. Joe describes, “[s]uperpowers, normally used by superheroes in the battle of good versus evil, are … Read more

Nicolas Collins’ original hardware hacking manual

If you want to read an irreverent and unorthodox hardware hacking manual check out Nicolas Collins’ Original Hacking Manual. Weighing in at 128 PDF pages, this book is geared toward motivating beginning electronics experimenters to explore uses and abuses for … Read more

MCU-in-the-middle attack on Diebold voting machine

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Computerized voting machine vulnerabilities are nothing new, but this video demonstrating a man-in-the-middle wireless attack on a Diebold voting machine takes a different tact than most others. A vulnerability assessment team at Argonne National Laboratories was able to compromise the … Read more