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App note: Enhancing cellphone battery performance during GSM pulses through the use of a parallel supercapacitor

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Low ESR and ESL supercapacitor paralleled to cellphone batteries can react more quickly to the demanding power required by GSM pulses. A great appnote read from AVX, link here (PDF) With the constant addition of features and functionality, battery life … Read more

App note: Design considerations for mixed-signal, How to design a PCB layout

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Another application note from e2v, this time about PCB design involving mixed-signal (Analog and Digital) components. Link here (PDF) This application note aims at providing you with some recommendations to achieve improved performance. The initial assumptions are the following: • … Read more

App note: Power MOSFET in high-side operating modes, possible failure modes, and failure signatures

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App note from Vishay on high-side MOSFET failures investigation leads to one of the following modes of operation: (a) High-impedance gate drive (b) Electro-static discharge (ESD) exposure (c) Electrical over-stressed (EOS) operation More on it here (PDF) Power MOSFET failures … Read more

App note: Low Value Power Metal Strip Resistors – Intelligent Li-ion rechargeable battery

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App note from Vishay about tight tolerances that sense resistor requires for accurate and efficient Li-ion battery chargers. Link here (PDF) Intelligent Li-ion rechargeable batteries utilize current sensing resistors with ultra low ohm, low TCR, tight tolerance, high withstanding surge … Read more

App note: A microwatt charge pump boosts 1 V to 1.8 V at 90% efficiency, providing “Always On” standby power for microcontrollers

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Silicon Labs’ app note featuring low power boost for microcontrollers. Link here (PDF) Boosting the output voltage of common alkaline button-cells to at least 1.8 V needed by microcontrollers provides an “always on” standby power source sufficient for low-power oscillator … Read more