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App note: Using the enable Pin in a linear regulator as a voltage supervisor

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Clever way using linear regulator’s enable pin implementing a voltage supervisory circuit control, an app note(PDF) from ON Semiconductors. The combination of a voltage regulator and a voltage supervisor, is a popular circuit configuration. The addition of the supervisor ensures … Read more

App note: Self-starting can be hard to do – Understanding power-on-reset requirements in regulators and bandgaps

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Things should be set-up properly before putting all load back again. Here’s a tip(PDF) from MAXIM on self-powering/recovering from power loss. Self-starting is a necessary but sometimes difficult task, whether it is motivating humans, starting cold automobiles, or providing power-on-reset … Read more

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App note: Bit-Banging the SDI and SQI Modes of Microchip’s 23XX512/23XX1024 Serial SRAMs

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Dual Mode(SDI) and Quad Mode(SQI) Serial interface are not common peripherals on many MCU today, Microchip’s app note (PDF) provides an alternative way to communicate with these SRAMs using existing GPIOs pins in bit-bang. This application note explains in detail … Read more