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App note: Complex power supply sequencing made easy

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Power sequencing from Analog Devices using their ADP5134 sequencer IC. App note here (PDF) Power supply sequencing is required for microcontrollers, field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), digital signal processors(DSPs), analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), and other devices that operate from multiple voltage … Read more

App note: Using the STC3100 battery monitor for gas gauge applications

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A battery monitoring chip STC3100 from STMicroelectronics tells you voltage, current, battery temperature and additionally coulomb counter for gas gauge. App note here (PDF) The STC3100 battery monitoring function includes the measurement of the battery voltage and current, measurement of … Read more

App note: Design of a low cost, 45W flasher with short circuit protection using LM2902 (Quad Op-Amp) and CSD18534

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App note (PDF) on automobile flashers from Texas Instruments This Application note presents the design of a low cost, flasher circuit with short circuit protection. The design incorporates the entire recommended design feature set for two wheeler flashers and includes … Read more

app note: A simple current-sense technique eliminating a sense resistor

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An old but interesting app note(PDF) from Microsemi on resistorless current-sensing technique. This application note introduces a simple current-sense technique that eliminates that sense resistor, resulting in system-cost reduction, PCB space saving, and power efficiency improvement. Furthermore, the new current … Read more

App note: Water and condensation safe touch sensing with the NXP capacitive touch sensors

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  App note (PDF) from NXP on water and condensation resistant capacitive touch sensors. This application note explains the unique auto-calibration feature of the touch sensor family from NXP and provides guidelines for enhanced water and condensation safe operation, focusing … Read more