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App note: Protecting the Universal Serial Bus from over voltage and overcurrent threats

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An old application note from Littelfuse about USB protection. Link here (PDF) This application note addresses the various requirements for protecting the Universal Serial Bus (USB) from overcurrent and overvoltage environmental threats. The solutions presented cover both USB 1.1 and … Read more

App note: Automotive circuit protection using Littelfuse automotive TVS diodes

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An interesting app note from Littelfuse about automotive circuit protection but also discusses about where transients came from in an automotive setup. Link here (PDF) The designers of automotive electronics face many technical challenges during the system design process, including … Read more

App note: Circuit protection for Lithium-Ion and lithium polymer rechargeable battery applications

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Adding secondary circuit protection to ensure safety when using Lithium-Ion and Lithium polymer batteries discussed in this app note from Littelfuse. Link here (PDF) The introduction of portable devices with advanced features and the demand for longer run times and … Read more