Dirty SLA 3D prints $0.95 per gram!

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Cost: $0.95 per gram
Process: Stereolithography 3D printing (SLA)
Material: White photopolymer. Hand finish gives an extremely smooth and clean look.
Density: 1.3 grams per cubic centimetre
Minimum thickness: 1.2 mm minimum thickness
Minimum charge per piece: 1 gram minimum charge per piece. 10 pieces * 0.5 grams = 10 gram charge. This is how the factory charges us.
Properties: Smooth, high accuracy, super cheap. Isn't that enough for now? We love this Dirty SLA supplier. Additional details to come!

Dirty SLA 3D prints $0.95 per gram!

Name Value
Hot deformation temperature(0.46MPa): 56C
Thickness (Shore D) 82
Min Print 100micrometer
Tensile strength(stretch) 42MPa
Tensile strength(cracks) 32MPa
Tensile modulus 2430MPa
Ductility ratio(stretch) 3%
Ductility ratio(cracks) 9%
Bending strength 69MPa
Flexural modulus 2470MPa
Impact strength 50J/m
Poisson ratio 0.43