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Welcome to the next version of the interface. This system integrates with 8 different Chinese suppliers, and will eventually offer every type of cheap PCB we can source.

You'll notice prices aren't competitive in some places. That's because some suppliers are not yet available. For example, 20 PCBs to less than 200 PCBs are currently priced using a high-volume manufacturer and include a high setup fee. When the small-volume supplier is added those prices will drop dramaticallty.

In this testing phase we are not claiming or attempting to compete on price. Please help us test the system. We'll do our best to get you the boards ASAP, but expect a few bumps as this site is not as refinded as Dirty PCBs.

Name Value
Test specs Just don't make it too crazy (4/4 spacing, etc). We'll tell you if the factory has problems.
Material FR-4 0.6mm-2.0mm 1oz copper ('standard' PCB material is 1.6mm thick, but we default to 1.2mm)
Layer number 2L
Maximum size 600*600mm (60*60cm)
Shape Almost anything! We'll send it and see if they accept it!
Min internal slot 32mil (0.8mm)
Min core thickness 4mil 0.08mm
Min core thickness 16-96mil(inner) 16-118mil(out)
Min w/s 5/5mil(I/L)
Min w/s 5/5mil(O/L)
Min silkscreen line 0.15mm
Min BGA size Oblong:10*13.5mil/circle:12mil
Min SMD width 8mil
Min solder dam 3mil(green)/3.5mil(black)
Min dielectric thickness 2.5mil
Min diameter of finished hole 12mil
Tolerance of drill position +/- 2mil
Tolerance of finished hole size PTH +/- 3mil
Tolerance of finished hole size NPTH: +/- 2mil
PTH hole copper thickness 0.6~1.4mil
Max A.R of PTH 8:1
Surface copper thickness 1oz
Routing dimension tolerance (Z0) Impedance control 4mil
V-cut Now refused! 80*80mm(min) 380*300(max)
(Z0) Impedance control +/- 15%
Ionic contamination < 6.4ugNaCl/inch2
Surface treating (No PB) hot air levelling/AuSn/AgCN/Electrogilding/Ni/OSP*/G.F
*OSP Organic solder-ability Preservatives