Pax Instruments surface mount thermocouple contacts

SMT Thermocouple Contacts

SMT thermocouple contacts

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When we designed the T400 we were surprised to find an adequate thermocouple connector did not exist. To be fair, we were very demanding. The T400 needed a connector that was low profile to fit between the LCD and PCB, highly thermally conductive to optimize measurement accuracy, flat-bottomed to thermally mate with the PCB, and have geometry such that it can be used with a pick and place machine and surface mount soldered.

NOTE: These contacts are sold as single pieces. For each thermocouple connection you will need two contacts.

This is made from what some call "the Cadillac of contact materials," beryllium copper. This material combines high strength with nonmagnetic and non-sparking qualities. More on beryllium copper

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