Breakable SMD prototype board

Breakable SMD prototype board

A versatile must have board when prototyping with SMD.

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Total Price:

  • 6x SOIC32 breakout (100-300 mil wide)
  • 2x mini USB breakout
  • 3x 8 0805/0603 resistor/capaccitor/inductor breakout
  • 1x 4 button breakout with pullups
  • 1x micro SD hinged holder breakout
  • 1x HC49 Crystal breakout
  • 1x 2 SOT23-3 breakout
  • 1x SOT23-6 breakout
  • 1x Barreljack with LDO with LED indication
  • 1x 8 0805/0603 LED breakout (can be converted to CA or CC)
  • 2x PIC16(L)F1823/4/5 breakout with ICSP header
  • thin PCB (0.8mm) with seperatable breakoutboards

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