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Seeed laser cutting formats

Postby tummychow » Mon Feb 24, 2014 4:57 am

I'm planning on getting some custom-cut sick of beige cases for a project involving a TFT, as described in this old tutorial ... r-cutting/

But I'm not sure the format in that tutorial is correct anymore. Seeed lists a whole bunch of formats that disagree with each other when ordering laser cutting services, so I emailed support to check what the right format was, and they told me to use EPS/CDR files (presumably in a zip/rar).

I have no clue where either of these formats came from, but sketchup only exports to EPS in the pro version and does not export to CDR at all. CDR appears to be related to corel draw and there's no way I'm getting that just for one measly laser cutting job. So that's a no-go for me.

What formats have you submitted in? Anybody know how to get sketchup to export to these formats, without having to buy additional software? And why are these formats the standard for laser cutting when there doesn't seem to be any open source support for them?
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