First alpha of SoB modules for OpenSCAD

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First alpha of SoB modules for OpenSCAD

Postby torwag » Thu Nov 08, 2012 10:22 pm

I'm working on a set of modules for OpenScad to generate SoB cases.
The idea is to create something people call with a single line of code and which can be both printed on a 3D printer or cut-out by a laser cutter. Many parameters can be changed for individual generation.

Attached is the openscad file and some screenshots.
Would be glad if someone could test it. I couldn't test the real world results yet. Hence there might be rather big mistakes or errors.

Rename to SoB-cases.scad and open it in OpenScad. The file is documented and be self explaining.
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A little stand which would allow to stack "keyring" style gadgets avoiding them moving around by dragging on cables or wires.
Different designs with bumbers, inlines for screwhead and nut and a "keyring" style
All standard SoB sizes
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