Question about Jawi's SUMP client

The Logic Pirate is a medium speed, low-cost logic analyzer with a USB interface. It can capture up to 256K samples at 20MHz (80MHz with overclock), and is compatible with SUMP logic analyzer client. Get one for $30 at Seeed Studio. Logic Shrimp support available here.

Question about Jawi's SUMP client

Postby mikelelere » Sat Mar 23, 2013 2:14 pm

I'm using Jawi's SUMP client to test the firmware for the Logic Shrimp v2.b I've written. However, when viewing the captured data in Jawi's client, and after analyzing the serial communication, I noticed that the client provides a(n incorrect) divider calculated for a 100MHz base clock, instead of the correct divider calculated for the selected base clock given by the "device.clockspeed" property. I would like to know whether is this the correct behavior of the client (and thus I need to recalculate the correct divider in the PIC firmware) or is there a bug in the client software (is the "device.clockspeed" property ignored?). Or maybe am I doing something wrong? I'm posting a copy of the profile I've created for the Logic Shrimp v1.2b

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# Configuration for the Lobster profile

# The short (single word) type of the device described in this profile
device.type = LOBSTER
# A longer description of the device
device.description = Lobster
# The device interface, SERIAL only
device.interface = SERIAL
# The device's native clockspeed, in Hertz.
device.clockspeed = 20000000
# Whether or not double-data-rate is supported by the device (also known as the "demux"-mode).
device.supports_ddr = false
# Supported sample rates in Hertz, separated by comma's
device.samplerates = 20000000, 10000000, 5000000, 2000000, 1000000
# What capture clocks are supported
device.captureclock = INTERNAL
# The supported capture sizes, in bytes
# The sample delay (before/after) does not work when recording 256KB of data. This is not working properly in the current version of the client. For now the maximum capture size is 128KB.
#device.capturesizes = 262144, 131072, 65536, 32768, 16384, 8192, 4096, 2048, 1024
device.capturesizes = 131072, 65536, 32768, 16384, 8192, 4096, 2048, 1024
# Whether or not the noise filter is supported
device.feature.noisefilter = false
# Whether or not Run-Length encoding is supported
device.feature.rle = false
# Whether or not a testing mode is supported
device.feature.testmode = false
# Whether or not triggers are supported
device.feature.triggers = true
# The number of trigger stages
device.trigger.stages = 1
# Whether or not "complex" triggers are supported
device.trigger.complex = false

# The total number of channels usable for capturing = 4
# The number of channels groups, together with the channel count determines the channels per group = 1
# Whether the capture size is limited by the enabled channel groups
device.capturesize.bound = false
# Which numbering does the device support = DEFAULT

# Is a delay after opening the port and device detection needed? (0 = no delay, >0 = delay in milliseconds) = 0
# The receive timeout for the device (in milliseconds, 100 = default, <=0 = no timeout)
device.receive.timeout = 100
# Does the device need a high or low DTR-line to operate correctly? (high = true, low = false) = false
# Which metadata keys correspond to this device profile? Value is a comma-separated list of (double quoted) names...
device.metadata.keys = "LogicShrimpV2b"

# In which order are samples sent back from the device? false = last sample first, true = first sample first
device.samples.reverseOrder = true


Thanks in advance,

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Re: Question about Jawi's SUMP client

Postby dyymary02 » Wed Jul 03, 2013 10:01 pm

This information is very helpful for me, I like it, thank you ~ ~
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Re: Question about Jawi's SUMP client

Postby jawi » Wed Jul 17, 2013 7:49 am

Yes, that is/was a bug in my client. The upcoming 0.9.7 release of my client will add an additional option in the device profile to allow a different clock for the divider calculation. You can give the first RC a spin if you like...
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Re: Question about Jawi's SUMP client

Postby mikelelere » Fri Jul 19, 2013 9:14 am

Thanks for the info! I will certainly give the RC1 a try.
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Re: Question about Jawi's SUMP client

Postby ebonykate8 » Tue Aug 16, 2016 3:40 am

it keeps getting better and better! I've officially started using your client exclusively, I just spent the last couple days troubleshooting some SPI output from the AVR8 Soft Processor core project and your client didn't miss a beat
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