Free PCB Build - Bus Pirate LCD Adapter v2b

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Free PCB Build - Bus Pirate LCD Adapter v2b

Postby Marv » Sat Nov 10, 2012 9:03 am

Hey folks,

way too long ago, for me just writing now about it, I was so lucky to win a coupon for a free PCB and I chose to take the LCD adapter board for the Bus Pirate since at that point I was just getting started with SMD builds. So this board was ideal due to it's little part count. By now i have a decent stock on SMD parts and I'm ready to tackle the next PCB :-)


The finished board

Soldering it was really smooth with what I now call "my thrusty flux" :-)

And here it is in action together with the every handy Bus Pirate v4:

I had to jumper wire the connections, because of the new connector on the BPv4 (unfortunately there wasn't a LCD adapter v4 PCB around at the time I got my coupon). I thought about making an adapter from the 12-pin to 10-pin connector, but it seems that the 12-pin connector isn't that easy to get (at least my electronic distributor of choice doesn't have them)

But anyway, it's a handy little PCB, which makes interfacing a LCD to a project quite easy

Thanks for the PCB!
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