logging I2C

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logging I2C

Postby EricS » Thu Dec 08, 2016 8:54 am

My apologies for silly questions.

I see that there is a 4k memory buffer in the buspirate, that is well and fine for the individual data packets of what I want to capture. But what I'de like is to do so repeatedly, with a 10ms interval. ie my signal is 50kHz (SM-Bus, not I2C, to be precise), the package itself isn't very large, a couple of bytes, there is a 10ms silence between packages.

It seems to me like tere ought to be plenty of time to push data after the trig, and then return to waiting for more, effectively creating a streaming Bus-analyser?

To be clear, I have a Salae Logic Pro 16 and a Tek 3024 MDO'scope at my disposal, both nice and all but I do not think that they will do what I want, the Salae will eat up all of my mem many times over during the strech of time that I'm interested in logging data over for example.
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