USB IRToy V2 and Windows 10

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USB IRToy V2 and Windows 10

Postby ecr » Tue Dec 06, 2016 12:42 pm

Hello all,

Just wanted to share my experience with the USB IRToy V2 and Windows 10, since my searches didn't find a lot of info.
Bottom line: It works (at the time of this writing - 12/6/2016)

Here's some notes:
Received it on 12/5. Plugged it in. Ran the self test - and nothing. Trying to run IRToySelfTest.exe and getting back a weird firmware version of FA02 FA02 and program says there's an IR LED problem.

Finally got it working by upgrading the firmware to v22 <it looks like it was on v215 (?) >.

Some notes:
- On Win 10, *before the v22 firmware upgrade*, when plugged in both a "USB Input Device" in the "Human Interface Devices" section in Device Manager and a "USB Serial Device (COMx)" in the "Ports (COM & LPT)" section were created.

- After the v22 firmware upgrade, the device only shows up as the "USB Serial Device (COMx)". Not sure if this is normal or not, but it works.

- Not sure if this was needed, but I did do an "Update driver" using the .inf provided.

- NOTE: The "update-USBIRToy.v22.bat" file didn't work for me. The batch file prompts for a COM port #, and uses the COM port with the Bootloader.exe command, but that just seemed to make the device get stuck in bootloader mode (yellow light stays on). I took out the COM port and Bootloader stuff, just leaving the fw_update command. It worked.

It might be easier to just short the PGC/PGD pins and run the fw_update command manually.
Code: Select all
fw_update -e -w -v -m flash -vid 0x04D8 -pid 0xFD0B -ix USBIRToy.v22.hex

- As a test, I ran the "record-test.bat" and "play-test.bat" (found in the file) and was able to record/play the TV's on/off codes.

NOTE: You'll need to edit the .bat files to use the correct COM port.

- The USB hardware ID's are:
VID: 0x04D8

Hope this info helps someone else out there!
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