USB over IRDA (infrared)?

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USB over IRDA (infrared)?

Postby Tovino77 » Fri Jun 21, 2019 2:30 am

I have a USB computer peripheral that I am looking to have just outside a window. It communicates at 230.5 kBPS.

I want to pass the signal through the window, and I'm looking at IRDA to do it. There are plenty of dongles like this one around.

IRDA can handle 4 MBPS, so it looks like I'm within what's technically possible.

Now, if this was just plug-and-play between USB cables for short-range wireless, obviously that would make my day. I doubt that's the case, however... has anyone played with this before? Or have you seen another very-short distance "wireless usb" solution that might work?
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