Cannot change sampling rate

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Cannot change sampling rate

Postby Alain » Tue Jan 12, 2016 11:19 am

I recieved my new Open Logic Sniffer ardware
I dowloaded "" and installed it
On the first test everithing was OK
I stopped the PC (running under Windows 7-64 bits, SP1)
I restarted the PC

Now, everytime I start "Jawis-OLS-client.exe", I can't change the sampling rate
In the menu : "Catpure "/ "Begin capture", in the tab "Acquisition", the comboboxes :
- Number scheme
- Sampling clock
- Sampling rate
- Recording size
are empty, i can't select anything
in the tab "Connection", the combobox
- Devicet type
is empty, i can't select anything

Communication with the ardware works (on COM6), and values captured are displayed
On board leds are :
PWR : On
ACT : Off
TRIG : Off
ARM : On

For more information:
OLS-read.bat and OLS-version.bat says me : "Device is not found"

The utility USBDeview.exe finds the hardware "Logic sniffer-CDC232", "Communications Port", connected on COM6 with VID 0x04d8 and PID 0xFC92
This utility also finds un unconnected device "Port_#0001.Hub_#0005", "Périphérique d’entrée USB" with VID 0x04d8 and PID 0xFC90

Someone as any idea on this troubles ?
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Re: Cannot change sampling rate

Postby jawi » Fri Feb 26, 2016 6:22 am

Mind that the ols-0308 package contains a very old firmware for the OBLS (and OLS client). This might explain your problems. You might want to consider upgrading your firmware to the latest "unofficial" one: the DemonCore version.

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