Microchip released a new PICKit 4 debugger - programmer

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Microchip released a new PICKit 4 debugger - programmer

Postby octal » Wed Mar 07, 2018 3:57 pm

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Re: Microchip released a new PICKit 4 debugger - programmer

Postby mikeb » Thu Mar 08, 2018 4:18 am

octal wrote:MPLAB PICkit 4 In-Circuit Debugger

http://www.microchip.com/Developmenttoo ... O=PG164140

Thank you for the news! Although, if that PICKIT4 like PICKIT3 will not have the reliable AND open-source Linux software & drivers (like my PICKIT2) that PICKIT4 will be a dead hardware to me

EDIT: I wrote a message to MicroChip's e-mail for PICkit 4 which is specified at your link.
If you care about open source please also write a message, just don't copy paste me ;)

Good day! We are already using a lot of your PICkit 2 devices - they
work perfectly under Linux and there is a " pk2cmd " open source Linux
utility for flashing - so we don't need any closed binary blobs or
proprietary closed source software to use our PICkit 2's. Sadly PICkit
3 was buggy and there was no open source " pk3cmd " utility for Linux
- only a closed source one for Windows - so we skipped this product

For PICkit4 you tell that it is supported by Linux at the " Host
System Requirements " - but what will be the quality of your Linux
support ? Are you going to create a " pk4cmd " open source utility for
using your device under Linux, or there will be only a closed source

If there will not be any open source flashing utility to use with
PICkit4 then we will skip this product as well, because we do not
install any closed source software to the Linux systems at our company
out of security reasons. If the software is closed source, we can't be
sure there are no backdoors hidden inside it: many reputable companies
have been caught with it, so a reputation of any company, even of
Microchip, is not a guarantee that there will not be any backdoors
hidden inside your closed source software products. Also, using the
closed source software together with open source Linux operating
system is against its' principles and GNU ideology

So, do you plan to create the open source flashing utility for PICkit
4, with " pk4cmd " as a possible name ?
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