using #Twatch as ICelsius wireless bbq thermometer monitor

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using #Twatch as ICelsius wireless bbq thermometer monitor

Postby schnurly » Sat Jan 09, 2016 2:03 pm

Finally I found a purpose for my twatch.
I use it as a monitor for my iclesius wirless thermometer.
So I wrote a quick and dirty python script which works as a relay between the icelsius and the twatch.
The icelsius periodically broadcast the measure data to the local network.
The python script listen to the local network and capture this packet ,and then transform the packet to a format which the twatch understand.

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# Version 1.0
# LastChange 02.1.2016
import socket
import time
import datetime
import threading
import signal
import sys

class ICelsiusPacket:
   def __init__(self,packetData):
      self.isPacketValid = False
      self.isTempOk = False
      params = self.buildParameterHashMapFromPacketData(packetData)
      if "SensorID" in params:
         self.sensorID = params["SensorID"]
         self.battery = self.translateVoltIntegerToVoltageUnit(params["battery"])
         self.isPacketValid = True
      if "temp1" in params:
         self.temp1 = self.translateTempIntegerToCelsiusUnit(params["temp1"])
         self.temp2 = self.translateTempIntegerToCelsiusUnit(params["temp2"])                  
         self.isTempOk = True

   def translateVoltIntegerToVoltageUnit(self,intVolt):   
      return long(intVolt) / 1000.0

   def translateTempIntegerToCelsiusUnit(self,intTemp):
      return long(intTemp) / 100.0 - 250.0

   def buildParameterHashMapFromPacketData(self,packetData):
      result = {}
      params = packetData.split('&')
      for param in params:
         paramTuple = param.split('=')
         if (len(paramTuple) > 0):            
            result[paramTuple[0]] =  "" if len(paramTuple) == 1 else paramTuple[1]
      return result

class Twatch:
   def __init__(self,address,port):
      self.address = address
      self.port = port

   def updateAddress(self,address):
      self.address = address

   def sendICelsiusPacket(self,dataICelsiusPacket):
         packets = self.formatICelsiusPacket(dataICelsiusPacket)
         for packet in packets:
         isSendOk = True
         #print "uups twach possible offline."
         isSendOk = False
      return isSendOk

   def formatICelsiusPacket(self,dataICelsiusPacket):
      result = []
      if dataICelsiusPacket.isTempOk:
         result.append(self.fixStringLength("Temp1: {0:.1f}C".format(dataICelsiusPacket.temp1)))
         result.append(self.fixStringLength("Temp1: -.-"))
      if dataICelsiusPacket.isTempOk:
         result.append(self.fixStringLength("Temp2: {0:.1f}C".format(dataICelsiusPacket.temp2)))
         result.append(self.fixStringLength("Temp2: -.-"))
      result.append(self.fixStringLength("Akku : {0:.3f}V".format(dataICelsiusPacket.battery)))
      result.append(self.fixStringLength("Time : "+'%H:%M:%S')))
      return result

   def getClearDisplayCommand(self):
      return chr(0xFE)+chr(0x58)

   def getCursorPositionCommand(self,row,column):
      row = row if (row > 0 and row <= self.MAXROWS ) else 1
      column = column if (column > 0 and column <= self.MAXCOLUMNS) else 1
      return chr(0xFE)+chr(0x47)+chr(column)+chr(row)

   def fixStringLength(self,text):
      return "{0: <{maxColumns}}".format(text,maxColumns=self.MAXCOLUMNS)      

   def openConnection(self):
      self.sock = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET,socket.SOCK_STREAM)

   def closeConnection(self):
      self.sock.close( )

   def send(self,data):            

class TwatchAutoConf:
   def __init__(self,broadCastAddress,port,callBack):
      self.broadCastAddress = broadCastAddress
      self.port = port
      self.callBack = callBack
      self.isListing = True
   def stopListen(self):
      self.isListing = False
   def startListen(self):   
      listenThreadTwatch = threading.Thread(target=self.listenForPackets)
   def listenForPackets(self):
      while self.isListing:
            sock = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET,socket.SOCK_DGRAM)
            data, addrTuple = sock.recvfrom(61)
            address,port = addrTuple
         except socket.timeout:

def signal_term_handler(signal, frame):
      global twatch

signal.signal(signal.SIGTERM, signal_term_handler)
signal.signal(signal.SIGINT, signal_term_handler)

SubNetBroadCastAddress = ''
ICelsiusBroadCastPort = 54521
TwatchBroadCastPort = 30303
TwatchPort = 1337
TwatchIp = ''

sock = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET,socket.SOCK_DGRAM)
twatch = Twatch(TwatchIp,TwatchPort)

   twatchConf = TwatchAutoConf('',TwatchBroadCastPort,twatch.updateAddress)
   if TwatchIp == '':
   while True:
      data, addr = sock.recvfrom(1024)
      iPacket = ICelsiusPacket(data)
      if  iPacket.isPacketValid:
      #print data


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Re: using #Twatch as ICelsius wireless bbq thermometer monit

Postby DrEd » Thu Jul 21, 2016 12:23 am

Thanks for posting this. It was a great starting point for integrating my icelsius thermometers I just bought to monitor my wine cellar into my weewx webpage that I use for weather data.
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