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Is BBv3c retired ??

Hello DP

I have a V2.5 "somewhere" , but can't seem to locate it.

I was thinking about getting a BBv3c MIPS kit (or just a v3c + case) , but it seems to be "retired" in EU ... c&limit=64 ... r_mips_kit

I can get it at Seed , but "Non EU" would add $35 to the price , and that's too much. ... -2258.html

Is there anywhere in EU i can get a V3c ?

Saw some mention that V4 has been abandoned , and there might come a new V3+
If that's right should i wait a bit , and really try to locate the v2.5 ?



Re: Is BBv3c retired ??

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Ohh btw:

The "Mips" bbv3c , is there a schematic anywhere ??

Seems like it "only" have 7 active jtag pins, vs 10 active on the "Non MIPS"