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SPI Interface with Raspberry Pi

Hey all,

I recently purchased a bus pirate and am trying to understand how to interface with the Raspberry Pi via SPI.

My current progress:
1. I am able to get into the BP SPI mode via Tera Term.
2. I am able to interface with the Raspberry Pi's SPI chip (bcm 2835) via wiringPi gpio commands (from Raspberry Pi interface).

Now I want to be able to connect the two and communicate over SPI.

My questions:
1. Are there projects that I can follow to communicate and learn how to send data to and from the Raspberry Pi and the BP?
2. In this case, is the raspberry pi the master or the slave? Can I dictate whether the RPi or the BP is the Master/Slave? How?
3. Can BP write to SPI or does it only have a sniffer capability?

Any help or direction to help me better understand SPI and the Bus Pirate interface would be much appreciated!