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Bus Pirate v3 BOM question

So I recently got a free v3.8 PCB from the PCB drawer and planning on building it to give to someone that wants to start on hardware hacking. With that said I'm wondering if this is the latest BOM http:// or are there any new parts that I can substitute?

Re: Bus Pirate v3 BOM question

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Hi 0xFF7.
I think I am pretty sure it is the latest BOM for the PCB v3.8.

Be seeing you.


Re: Bus Pirate v3 BOM question

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The only components that could be potentially substituted are the MIC5205 series voltage regulators (VR1, VR2, VR3). There are tons of regs that come in the same pinout and package, one that I have personally tested - richtek RT9193 series.