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Problem with 1-WIRE MACRO (1)...MACRO (50).

Hi guys.
I noticed that while performing MACRO (1-50) which show the 8-byte ROM identifier of the device placed on the specific address chose, then the resulting final message does not match to the device on which the query was made.
So for instance while querying for device 3 on the 1-WIRE bus by performing MACRO (3):


Then the response show the device numbered as n+1, or 4 rather than 3 as actually it should be in this case:

ADDRESS MACRO 4: 0x81 0x00 0xA0 0x90 0x19 0xDA 0x00 0x03

I guess this behavior could be related to the fact that the numbering does not start from 0 because that is the purpose of MACRO (0) that on the Bus Pirate show the list of available macros, do not the 8-byte ROM of the device number 0 on the 1-WIRE bus, though I can very well be wrong.


Be seeing you.