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2WIRE clock is not correct.

Hi guys.
By testing 2WIRE protocol with the new firmware U_1-28102018 I built (viewtopic.php?f=28&t=8498&start=105#p67796) I found the same issues as for I2C SOFTWARE protocol.
By choosing ~5KHz, ~50KHz or ~100KHz, does not matter what of them, the 2WIRE clock is alway about ~700Hz, while by choosing ~400KHz it is about ~200kHz that is the half of the value set.

Re: 2WIRE clock is not correct.

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Hi guys.
I was able to build a test firmware starting from the latest repository dated 04 November, 2018 released by Christopher Sam Soon (
For testing I built both SAFE (only I2C software) that UNSAFE (freed I2C hardware) firmwares.
For me all it works fine, however I will continue the tests in  order to assure there are not any sort of problem somewhere and then I will let you know.
About this I must write that I am not 100% sure it totally works now because I tested 2-WIRE protocol in an unorthodox manner.
Surely the things ar better with the new code and ~5kHz, ~50kHz, ~100kHz and ~400kHz are the same as for the I2C software protocol.
I tested the 2-WIRE behaviour simply entering in the protocol and sending 1hex while connected to the same Arduino on which was running the I2C sketch provided by agatti and then acquiring the traffic with the logic analyzer setted for I2C decoding.
Maybe that did the result, maybe did not, but I do not know other way to test the matter.
However I would dare to say that even #111 has now gone, although I will furthermore dig the matter.

Thanks a lot to Christopher Sam Soon for having fixed the matter, thank you sir!

Be seeing you.