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IrToy Firmware Issue


I am newbie with irtoy , Just designed the circuit on breadboard experimentally, Now want to load firmware, using my pic programmer, after loading bootloader/firmware , i am having difficulties while recognizing under win10.

Can some please tell me exact steps to upload bootloader/firmware manually in a new PIC18f2550 ?

Schematics i am following ... oy-vii.png

Firmware i want to upload : ...

Searched almost everywhere but there is no help for new users , only upgrade for previous devices are available.


Re: IrToy Firmware Issue

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No reply yet :(

Any one with any idea ? please help

Re: IrToy Firmware Issue

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Got it work , With connecting a polar capacitor at VSUB pin of 0.1Uf Polar.

Thanks guys for being not very helpful.


Re: IrToy Firmware Issue

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PriSim decides to build a circuit.

PriSim comments on the forum asking for help.

PriSim comes next day and sees that nobody replied. He decides to bitch and whine about it like all members of the forum should act like full time employees of a company and help him out step by step.

PriSim is an idiot.

Don't be like PriSim.

Re: IrToy Firmware Issue

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I have to make a few comments on this.

PriSim's problem has very little to do with the IrToy. How to use a chip programmer is probably better aimed at a PIC/Microchip oriented forum.

As tayken, I also consider PriSim's tone inappropriate.

The last two person I tried to help in this forum just did not reply at all. No report if it helped them, no thank-you, no nuthin'.