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Logic Shrimp and Pulseview (-> Firmware Update needed)


I tried to run Logic Shrimp V1.3 together with Sigrok Pulseview (OLS Driver) as GUI frontend. Both would be a very powerful combo for decoding protocols. However Pulseview shuts down when the device is selected because of incomplete metadata inside the Logic Shrimp ( no. channels, etc.).

To fix the issue, the metadata needs to be updated including some extra space for future use like this:
Code: [Select]
static const char id_string[4] = { "1ALS" };

// see also
static const char meta_info[] = {
    "x01" "Shrimp1.0" "x00"
    "x02" "" "x00"                // no FPGA Firmware
    "x03" "2018-01-26" "x00"      // PIC firmware version
    "x20" "x00x00x00x04"      // 4 probes
    "x21" "x00x03xe8x00"      // 256k sample memory
//  "x22" "x00x00x00x00"      // no dynamic memory
    "x23" "x01x21x2Dx00"      // 20 MHz maximum sample rate
    "x24" "x00x00x00x02"      // protocol version 2
    "x40" "x04"                  // 4 probes
    "x41" "x02"                  // protocol version 2
    "x00 x00x00x00x00"        // padding for future use
    "x00 x00x00x00x00"       
    "x00 x00x00x00x00"       
    "x00 x00x00x00x00"                                                   
    "x00" };                      // End of record

static const int meta_info_size = sizeof(meta_info) - 20;                // metadata size w/o padding

void main()
case SUMP_ID://SLA0 or 1 backwards: 1ALS
    if( mUSBUSARTIsTxTrfReady() )
        putUnsignedCharArrayUsbUsart( id_string, sizeof(id_string) );
    if( mUSBUSARTIsTxTrfReady() )
        putUnsignedCharArrayUsbUsart( meta_info, meta_info_size );
The padding and meta_info_size constant allows patching the meta info with a hex editor.

As I don't have a CC18 compiler and no information about the used Microchip USB stack, it is very difficult to fix the firmware myself.

Perhaps somebody can give a hand on the firmware or already has updated the metadata (and is willing to share his efforts).