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irtoy in SUMP mode. Does it work ?

Hello. I'm back on a my work after more than one year and I found in my old files some samples got with OLS software.
But really now I'm not able to get Irtoy working anymore with any version of OLS (also compiled after cloning OLS from github).
OLS is not able to get the configuration files becaus it does not get metadata from irtoy.
When OLS send 0x04 irtoy replies with no name and OLS is not able to get the correct file.
I'm using the v22 firmware, the same I used last year.
Am I forgetting some step to get irtoy working in OLS mode ? Have I to load a particular firmware version on irtoy ?


P.S. For now I got values from irtoy using a Python script that monitors IRRX on the irtoy connected to a GPIO port on a Raspberry and converting obtained values in .ols like file.