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shipping option not displaying correctly on invoice

Not sure if this is a bug or my fault but on my latest invoice it lists the price of hong kong  DHL shipping (2-5 days), but is described as PostNL Registered Airmail (1-8 weeks). i panicked and upgrades shipping to china HDL just in case, but the invoice still shows up as hong kong post (1-8 weeks).  Any thoughts on how the invoice gets generated?

Re: shipping option not displaying correctly on invoice

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As a quick update, I've resolved the issue with a support ticket, but a change had to be made by the support team "in the backend" , I've ordered many times without issue I can only think of minor things that may have effected the order process:

Size was custom, normally I do 100x100.
I grabbed a dirty cable bundle.

The symptom was:
Original selection: dhl Hong kong
Original invoice showed Hong Kong post.

Did upgrade shipping option: dhl china
(dhl HK was no longer an option)
New invoice still showed Hong Kong post.

Prices were reflected correctly, both times.

Hope that helps.

Thanks again for all the help and all the dirty boards.