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PCB preview doesn't match gerbv?

Hi guys,

I'm outgrowing OSHpark's PCB prototyping facilities - I have no great complaint with them, other than they get pricey for larger boards. So on the recommendation of a friend, I'd really like to try here instead!

I use my own software for Gerber generation, and the files it produces are shown correctly by gerbv and handled by OSHpark ... but when I upload them to dirtypcbs, they don't look right. I've attached screenshots, plus the Gerber file.

The gerber plots a groundplane first, then "undraws" pads and tracks (with the sizes increased a bit, to give some border) and then draws the pads and tracks. It looks like the dirtyPCB previewer doesn't understand the clearing process around the tracks (though it has around the pads). So the tracks aren't visible.

Anyone know how I could modify the data to fix this? Or is this a known preview issue but the boards will be OK?

Many thanks in advance!


Re: PCB preview doesn't match gerbv?

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Don't worry about the preview output. Obviously the software has some bug with the handling of LPC together with draw mode. The production has nothing to do with the preview output.