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Questions about BB v4

Dear all,

I would like to buy BBv4, but I have the following doubts:

1. is it compatible with Fedora?
2. does it work in combination with Vivado?


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Google is your friend :)

Re: Questions about BB v4

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Of course I have already googled those.

Re: Questions about BB v4

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Then you know the answer? I did a quick Google and it was the second result on the page.

Re: Questions about BB v4

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Hi AlL

I have parched BUS BLASTER 4.1a and try to connect the target device but getting message struck at 0/1

I did below steps

1.Download and install FTDI drivers for the FT2232 chip
2.Download and install UrJTAG -
3.connected BUS BLASTER 4.1a to PC via USB cable
4.opened Urjtag shell
5.checking JTAG connected
jtag> cable ft2232 interface=1
Connected to libftd2xx driver.
6.device connected to JATG
Warning- TDO seems to be struck at 0

Can I need to be update the CPLD logic or any thing else.

Can any on help me to resolve this issue.