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Board v3c shipped with PID=0x7780

Hi all,
I just received a v3c board, but installing drivers fails. It appears the board was pre-configured with VID=0x403, PID=0x7780, and not the usual PID=0x6010. This is confirmed by lsusb on linux and usb-view on Windows.
FT_Prog fails to scan the device and consequently I cannot reprogram the EEPROM of the FT2232...
Any hint on how to change the PID ? (beside asking WHY my board was shipped like that...).

Re: Board v3c shipped with PID=0x7780

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I see someone else had the same problem: ... ems/237/18 Probably some problem on the sourcing end.

If you have any other SPI adapters, you can use it to erase and reprogram the EEPROM via JP3. But I believe that it's already empty. Can you verify this?

Re: Board v3c shipped with PID=0x7780

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I could successfully change the PID using ftx_prog on linux (specifying the old PID). My board is now detected under Windows as well. I could write the CPLD from Linux and it now works like a charm.

Re: Board v3c shipped with PID=0x7780

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Glad you solved it. Can you post the command you used over here? It may help other people as well.

Re: Board v3c shipped with PID=0x7780

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I would love to see the command line you used to change the pid as I have the same problem.  When I try, this is what I get:

sudo ./ftx_prog --old-pid 0x7780 --new-pid 0x6010

ftx_prog: version 0.1
Modified for the FT-X series by Richard Meadows

Based upon:
ft232r_prog: version 1.23, by Mark Lord.
Bad CRC: crc=0xd25d, actual=0xb8de