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Panelizing PCB tools/methods

I have looked everywhere for a simple way to create tabs and mousebites on kicad and can't find clear instructions.
I came across a thread on these forums that touts a program by ThisIsNotRocketScience but it was a closed beta and i can't even find the link to request access to it.

The tool seemed really awesome and i'm sad i can't find it anywhere, can anyone help me?

Re: Panelizing PCB tools/methods

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Now i feel dumb! thanks for the link this tool is amazing!

Re: Panelizing PCB tools/methods

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DirtyPCBs will panelize for you at their factory when it makes sense for them to do so.

I make small adapter modules and Dirty PCBs panel them 8 to 20 up depending on size.  I get pretty consistent panel patterns based on PCB sizes I give them.  I looked once and I did not think I would save any money by doing the paneling myself.