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VFD based hi-power supply

Hi all,
I recently had to supply a 3 phase 3kW sawmill motor in my garage, the main issue was that I only receive a single phase line @ home. After further investigations, it appeared that it would cost me thousands of bucks to get a 3 phase power line up to my home and that 3 phase to 1 phase conversion of the motor thanks to capacitors would be a waste of time and money for motors above 2kW. Hopefully, I began to be quite effective in investigating Chinese manufacturers able to provide low cost electronic stuff and enjoyed receiving, few weeks later a wonderful inexpensive (about 150 - 200 $) VFD that's able to convert 1 phase in 3 phase in a frequency range up to 400Hz @ 4kVA ! Great, It works, have a soft start, DC injection and all these greats functionality you wouldn't event expect for such a low price.
I'm also interested in powering DC hi current stuff. I don't have any peculiar project in mind, but, you know how boys are, we usually only look for having the bigger one :) ! Then, I realised I had the opportunity to get a 3 outputs 0 - 240 V DC power supply with up to about 10 Amps of output current for each. The H bridge is already dimensioned with proper heatskins and I'm pretty sure its command is also insulated and can get trigged with standards 5 or 3.3 V microcontroller GPIOs. I'm sure it's pretty noisy and will need capacitors to get things better, but I feel able to design a control loop that will keep my output voltage near my setpoint. For fine applications, I'll just need this kind of module (oh, it looks I'm a new user and can't post external links for the moment, search by yourself for DPS5015 in some Chinese resellers well known website such as Aliexpress) for fine tuning.
Have you got any impressions or feedback regarding thins idea ?
Thanks and enjoy :)