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loader protocol history? (pump-loader, ols-loader)

I realize that it's been about a decade since the initial design, but can anyone provide background history on the protocol that is used to update the FPGA ROM?

For Windows, pump-loader and ols-loader are provided as command-line tools. Also, the protocol used is sufficiently documented that I was able to write a new macOS program that communicates with the OLS to successfully upgrade (or downgrade) the FPGA ROM. So, I don't need help getting things to work as they exist now.

That said, I'm wondering where this protocol originated. It consists of 4-byte (32-bit) commands, plus additional data as appropriate (and very much geared towards the specific page size of the attached serial Flash memory chip). Is this an existing protocol that works with other systems? ... or was the protocol created specifically for the Gadget Factory / Dangerous Prototypes Logic Sniffer?

I've searched the forum here, since I'm more familiar with the Dangerous Prototypes site, but didn't find any notes on the development of the loader protocol. If the answer to my question is somewhere on the Gadget Factory site, please let me know.